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It’s time to burn up HR5, otherwise known as the Student Success Act on Twitter tonight from 7 – 9 PM (EST).  Find out information on how this act will not empower parents, teachers and states.  It allows states the ‘opportunity’ to relinquish their sovereign rights to the Federal Government in educational matters.

This twitterfest is being sponsored primarily by four moms concerned about this reauthorization of NCLB, the fact that this bill received no public input in 2015 and the lack of understanding of the implications of this bill by many representatives, many who portray themselves as constitutionalists.  Join us tonight as we tell our representatives to #StopHR5 and Vote NO.

Read about the power of twitter and tweeting your politicians from How Twitter is changing the national Common Core debate in


Is Twitter affecting the national debate on the Common Core State Standards initiative? Three researchers working on a digital reporting project say “yes” — and they call this the first national policy conversation played out in social media.

The university researchers looked at hundreds of thousands of tweets at #commoncore over a six-month period and analyzed them not only for content but also by author. One key finding:  Twitter is “making the invisible visible,” giving people who usually have no voice in national discussions power to express their opinions and affect discourse. The researchers also noted that the debate over the Core isn’t only about the Core standards themselves, but, rather, about issues such as the federal involvement in local education issues, student privacy,  standardized testing, the role poverty plays in student achievement and how for-profit companies are affecting education.

The article ends:

These explanations are also not mutually exclusive and it is plausible that all three of these phenomena are at play simultaneously. Twitter can be an arena for democracy, an echo chamber, and an incubator for influence all at the same time. And perhaps even more importantly, as we are starting to see the ways that the Common Core debate has trended over time, this new mixture of political activism on social media that spurs robust social network activity is changing the way that politics and policy interact.


Read the entire article here Join us tonight with thousands of tweets from ‘invisible voices’ to #StopHR5 and the #StudentSuccessAct.

Here is the link to access the rally tonight:



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