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Courtesy of The Missouri Torch we have video of the recent Senate Hearing for SB514 & SB798 on Common Core.  This is a continuation from the week before when those supporting the bills testified.  This video consists primarily of administrators supporting the Common Core State Standards Initiative adoption and implementation.

We will be separating witness testimony into individual segments for review and comment.  We will start with the first witness testimony of the day, Kent Medlin, superintendent of Willard School District.  Testimony begins about 10 minutes into the full recording.  Dr. Medlin talks about massive data gathering on students starting at 27:27.  From Missouri Moms Against Common Core (on FB):

…take note at 27:27 when Senator Holsman asks the question to the Superintendent of Willard about the data being collected on kids in his district. Holsman asks about the “notion” of data collection and privacy concerns. The superintendent admits that (and I quote): In my district EEEEENORMOUS (he says in an exaggerated way) amounts of data are being collected RIGHT NOW with the operative standards we are in. He says that it would be a question for DESE with reference to how that data is stored, but ENORMOUS amounts are collected right now. Wait…what? DESE says they ONLY collect 64 data points and that has not changed with Common Core. Who is telling the truth?

Here is the specific clip of Dr. Medlin testifying the the enormous amount of data collection:


He is then subsequently is questioned by Lt. Governor Peter Kinder and that exchange does not go favorably for the superintendent.  He talks over the Lt. Governor, does  not answer the question and the Lt. Governor informs the superintendent he is using dismissive language in his response.


The entire testimony of the day may be found below.  We will be discussing testimony of various witnesses over the next several posts.


Parents in the Willard School District may want to contact Dr. Medlin and the school district to determine what enormous data is being gathered on their children, presumably without their knowledge.


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