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Child Identity Theft — and Bad Credit — Increasingly Common Among Young Children

Does your kindergartner already have bad credit?

When I got into this Common Core fight four years ago,  a wise teacher told me that people won’t get up in arms until they see how it affects their children, or in the case of teachers and administrators, how their jobs will be tied to privately owned/copyrighted assessments.

We’re seeing how parents are becoming concerned with the assignments their children are bringing home and teachers starting to question why they are deemed effective one year and not the next.  Legislators are wondering what happened to local control and where they are going to get the money to pay for the mandates the  lawmakers and voters never approved or even had a chance to vote on.   Government is becoming increasingly less representative and more dictatorial.

The data gathering present in the four assurances for Federal money has garnered some attention but that’s a difficult sell.  How do you get people concerned about stopping possible data breaches when they don’t even know what data is being gathered on their children, where it’s going and who has access to it?  The damage will be done when it is discovered their children’s social security number has been compromised and since data bases from schools and federal agencies are sharing information, how will parents be able to discover where the leak originated?

This data breach that we all are facing hit close to home with me when our tax preparer called and said the electronic form kept getting kicked back.  It turns out my Social Security number was fraudulently used and good luck on figuring out where the breach occurred.  When I asked if there was an address where the fraudulent report was sent, the IRS couldn’t tell me because of “privacy regulations”.  So the fraudster can use my number, file a return, apparently receive my refund, but I can’t have any information because that would impinge on his/her privacy.  I don’t have access to information on how exactly my personal information was used!

I filed a police report in our small township and asked the police officer how many reports had been filed in our town.  Approximately 10% of the residents have reported IRS security number fraudulent use.

Your child is at risk even if he/she is a minor for data fraud.  From Child Identity Theft:


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social security

The 21st Century job in demand will be to start a company to alert folks their data has been compromised.  With the amount of data necessary for those “data-driven” educational reforms and allowed via The Department of Education and the gutting of FERPA, this generation of students will have a plethora of customers trying to figure what vendors have their data, how it’s being used and trying to keep it safe.


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