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Whatever could go wrong with a medical company pushing a product to students?


Missourians and others concerned about the Common Core Initiative and curriculum being online are redeemed.  Representative Mike Lair put $8.00 in the education appropriations budget for tin foil in an attempt to marginalize those who have concerns about not being able to see the curricula their students are studying and on which they are tested.  These worries are proving to be valid.

From and Curriculum developed to improve vaccine uptake:

Researchers are developing a new curriculum to educate children and adolescents about immunization to reduce vaccine hesitancy and improve vaccination rates for this and future generations, according to findings presented here.

Despite advances in vaccine technology and successful elimination of diseases such as smallpox, polio, measles and rubella from the United States and much of the rest of the world, resistance to immunization remains a significant problem, according to Edward B. Lewin, MD, of Georgetown University School of Medicine.

What we’re presently doing to promote immunization is not adequately improving vaccine acceptance or lowering vaccine hesitancy …” Lewin said during a presentation. “It’s actually going in the wrong direction. We need a new approach.”

As a result, Lewin and colleagues launched the Vaccine Education Project, an interactive curriculum focused on educating children, not adults, on the science of vaccination. The project is based on the following concepts:

  • Educate children about vaccine science so they can make informed decisions about vaccination for themselves and eventually their own children;
  • Develop a curriculum that incorporates the use of iPods, social media and a website, intended to be “interactive and fun”;
  • Deliver the curriculum at home to avoid taking up class time;
  • Coordinate with professional educators;
  • Assess the efficacy of the curriculum by measuring students’ knowledge of and attitudes toward immunization.

The curriculum originally consisted of 13 videos to inform students on vaccination. More than 2,000 science teachers were surveyed about the videos in a study conducted by the National Science Teachers Association; 72% said they were “very supportive” of the project. Up to 27% of science teachers expected “pushback” from parents regarding the curriculum, but only 3% of those teachers would be dissuaded from promoting it.

For the second phase of the project, researchers will convert the curriculum from its original video format to an interactive e-book platform. Lewin and colleagues intend to conduct additional focus groups and test the curriculum in inner city and suburban school districts with personal vaccine exemption rates higher than 5% — both with high- and low-performing schools. The researchers will gauge seventh- and eighth-grade students’ knowledge of vaccines before and after the curriculum is introduced.

Lewin said after the curriculum’s efficacy in improving vaccine knowledge has been demonstrated, it will be introduced in school districts across the United States.

What is being done here is curriculum with an agenda and purposefully bypassing the legal guardians of the child.  Parents won’t know what their children are being taught as this will be taught digitally.  If this is done at home (as stated in the plan), the parent would have to be looking over the student’s shoulder at the computer screen as this is studied.  As one parent writes:

Unbelievable!!! This is nothing but indoctrination. They are admitting that they will attempt to shape the thoughts and attitudes of little children with NO MENTION of their parents’ consent. I don’t care what the topic is, manipulating innocent children is just wrong. It is immoral and un-American. Who gets to decide what’s to be the next “issue curriculum?”

The article notes:

For more information:

Lewin E. Abstract #S27. Presented at: Annual Conference on Vaccine Research; April 28-30, 2014; Bethesda, Md.

Disclosure: Lewin serves as a consultant or adviser for Biological Mimetics Inc.


You have one guess who has given funding to Biological Mimetics Inc.  Bill Gates.  Are you surprised?

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biological mimetics bill gates


More information on Biological Mimetics.  Do you think they are experts on developing curriculum for their products?  Not only will the company bypass parents since its message is not being received as it would hope, the company might just have the vaccine to deliver to the students that they have been taught they need:


biological mimetics

So Representative Lair, who is wearing the tin foil hat now?  It’s in their own words.  Digital curriculum is used to bypass the parents: an interactive curriculum focused on educating children, not adults, on the science of vaccination.  Here’s a link of existing curriculum from the National Education Health Association Information Network to teach children about sexually transmitted diseases.  I wonder if your school is using it without your knowledge:

National Education Association Health Information Network…/teens_sexual_health_vaccine_lesson_plans.pdf

A Curriculum Project to support and promote. The prevention of Sexually Transmitted infections. Lesson Plan: The Matrix – A Vaccination Research Project.





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