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Parents say “I Can’t” Common Core Aligned Curriculum”. Why not?

Shane VanderHart reports on Common Core aligned curriculum from Ankeny, Iowa.  He provides screen shots of the text available for review only online and with a student password.  He relays a mother’s frustration about not having easy access to her children’s curriculum and when she did log into her son’s text, she was extremely concerned about what her son’s school was using as teaching material:

From Ankeny Community School District Introduces Indoctrination in New Texts:

“The schools now use TCI Curriculum.  They are not able to bring them home in any grade.  I have a 3rd grader and an 8th grader in the Ankeny Community School District.  The last couple of years I started checking what they are taught.  I asked my 3rd grader to bring his social studies book home.  He said he can’t bring the book home because he would get into trouble, Hadley told Caffeinated Thoughts.  “Then I asked my 8th grader he couldn’t bring it home because they only have enough copies of the actual book to use in class. It is mainly an online textbook.  You are not able to go online and just look at it.  You have to have a student number and password to see it.”

She asked her student for the password to his online history textbook.

“So I logged on and about went through the roof.  For 8th grade history they are teaching one big book of equality propaganda.  Any of the great leaders like the founding fathers and Lincoln are glossed over while tour have pages and pages of info on racism and inequality.  It has one sentence on the persecution of Jews, nothing on the holocaust.  It is against the rich, says that the Great Depression was caused by big banks and people not spending enough.  It also praises occupy and demonized Bush,” Hadley added.

Perusing what I was sent it also seemed that there was more discussion of the countercultural movement of the 1960s than of the Constitution.  The discussion of rights was focused more on how they apply today than what our founders said about them.

You can see screenshots and read more here.





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