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The above was tweeted on August 27, 2014 and references Orwell’s writings on the threats to freedom.  Do you find it astounding that Common Core proponents are extremely vitriolic in their marginalization of parents who speak out (or even ask questions) about the Initiative?  We’ve been called:

  • Agents of ‘misinformation’
  • Right Wing nutjobs
  • White suburban moms who discover their children aren’t as smart as once thought
  • Bigots
  • Paranoid
  • Stuck in the past
  • Tin Foil hat wearers
  • Trolls


Read what the continued attempt to silence speech really means.  This marginalization has nothing to do with education or standards and it’s not ‘for the children’.  If this reform was stellar and sound, parents wouldn’t be receiving this push back from the reformers.  It would stand on its own merits and not need a marketing campaign to ‘sell’ parents on a educational reform written by non-governmental organizations for public education with no accountability.

Here are a couple of examples on twitter of the ridicule directed to Common Core opponents.  They are from a group of teachers and education reformers who routinely bash parents on twitter:


Mocking hillbillies from Glenn Beck’s audience is  much more amusing than the serious conversation that I’m suggesting. We can all agree on that.


Here is your daily dose of anti CCSS crazy. Have a wine box close.


These words are nothing less than verbal assaults.  Common Core opponents and their messages are routinely mocked.  These words come from teachers teaching children and education reformers crafting the blueprint of how/what your children are learning.  Are these teachers teaching children ‘character education’?  What kind of role model are these ‘professionals’ modeling for children?  Mockery? Humiliation of those who dare to disagree with them?

Welcome to the world of Big Brother.


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