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This is what happens when an education reformer doesn’t want to answer serious questions about Common Core.  He blocks ‘raving maniacs’ (parents/taxpayers/teachers/administrators) concerned about the lack of research/data on Common Core and the fact that the creators/validation Committee had to sign non-disclosure agreements.  He insists he wants to deal in facts but when asked about these facts, this is his response:


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I guess he’s not really into that ’emotional’ campaign his co-worker Michael Petrilli at Fordham Institute believes is necessary to win parents over to Common Core approval.   Apparently that campaign is not really geared toward parents if this is the tactic used by the reformers when they are not interested in conversing with the people who are paying the taxes and providing their children for the reforms touted by the likes of Fordham.  Cutting them out of the conversation and decisions has been regular operational techniques from the special interest groups and the elites, so no one should be surprised by his action.

Here’s a sampling of the ‘raving’ maniacal questions posed to him when he insisted he wanted to deal with the FACTS about Common Core:


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There really is a ‘them’ vs ‘us’ in education reform.  We are just supposed to accept whatever it is they design and keep quiet about it.  We should know our place.  At least there is something transparent about educational reform policy.


Published January 11, 2015


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