If you vote, this matters.  This one act could turn the tide on student data privacy.

If you are concerned about the loss of privacy, the collection of personal information whenever a student logs onto a computer or device, if knowing that a student’s digital footprint can be used to profile and predict him or her, if this concerns you, then imagine this:

Imagine if FERPA was reinstated to its 2010 version, prior to the 2011 Rule Change by the US Department of Ed that bypassed Congress and weakened FERPA.  Our next US president could reverse the 2011 change that allowed the tidal wave of data collection, with one simple signature.


Ask yourself, ask the candidates:  If elected, which candidate would repeal and reverse the 2011 changes that made FERPA a data sharing law instead of a law that was meant to protect student’s privacy?


Our next President needs to reverse the 2011 changes that weakened FERPA.

Who will get your vote?


If you are not familiar with how FERPA was gutted, on December 2, 2011, and how the USDoE issued final regulations implementing its proposed amendments, despite the agency’s admission that “numerous commenters . . . stated that they believe the Department lacks the statutory authority to promulgate the proposed regulations contained in the [Notice of Proposed Rule Making] NPRM.”


Please read  here and here, where we explain that attorney Steve Winnick for the Gates funded Data Quality Campaign testified that FERPA needed to be changed, so they wouldn’t have “parents getting in the way [of data sharing]. Also be sure to read the 100s of comments from public officials, parents, organizations testifying against this massive weakening of FERPA. Shockingly, even some from Higher Ed were against these FERPA changes.

Further Reading on 2011 FERPA changes:



Cheri Kiesecker

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