jeb bush and ccssDoes he mean that he wants to discourage federal incentives for states to adopt the Common Core education standards?  Does it mean that he doesn’t think the Federal Government should be paying for the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to set the ‘high standards’?  Who/what entity should decide what high standards are?

The standards setting responsibility is clearly given to the state to be performed within the state by state educators in the Missouri Constitution, yet the state has acquiesced its duty to NGOs for  standards setting decisions.  It’s agreed (and currently in Federal law) that the Federal Government should have nothing to do with setting ‘high’ standards but it is also true that NGOs shouldn’t be setting them either.  If state educational officials are so incompetent to set high standards for their publicly educated students, then they should be fired and replaced with competent bureaucrats who can adhere to the Missouri Constitution.  The same should be said about the Governor and State Board of Education members who signed onto the MOU agreeing to these standards (even before they were written): they should be replaced for not following the law and selling out for stimulus funding that has done little to reform education aligned to federal goals.

I agree that every parent should have choices.  He doesn’t describe what these choices look like and who is setting those choices for parents.    The devil is in the details. If these ‘choices’ are blueprints from NGOs that parents must follow, the response is, that’s not really a choice.  That’s just another NGO replacing the Federal Government with marching orders on what education must look like and how it must be measured.  The ‘choices’ set forth by many education reformers do not allow local control of ‘choice’.

Read the comments in response to the Jeb Bush tweet.  I don’t see that Bush has responded to any of the concerns raised by fellow tweeters.  Here’s an excerpt of some questions/concerns that have not been answered:


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