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The meaning of education reform. Data, data, data.

The story below is from a teacher whose school has implemented Common Core.  Missouri teachers, heads up.  This is to be your new reality.


This is a stack of SOME of the assessments I’ve given since the start of the school year. They are all common core-aligned. It makes me sick to see how much I’ve had to assess my kids. We do this every week.

I have 15 students. I assess every Friday. We are required to assess Reading fluency, Math facts and Math computation and concepts. We are also required to give preassessement prior to new math units and post assessments at the end of the unit. We are required to put all the data into our data system to be used by admin to determine our success as a teacher and building.

I asked my administrators: what is teaching? I have one week to get students to remember what they need to remember for an assessment which determines whether I’m an effective or ineffective teacher. However, I don’t even understand what I am trying to get them to remember in some cases.

I was told that it would just be good teaching to make sure they are growing each week and, GET THIS, to make sure they have enough practice taking tests. I literally laughed out loud when I was told that. And mind, this is about half of them…I was throwing them away for a while before I decided to keep them and file them for conferences. I want to show parents how many assessments their children are being given. I want them to get angry.

If you are concerned about the adoption and implementation of the Common Core State Standards Initiative in Missouri, come to rally at the Capital on February 18, 2014.  It’s time to get angry, learn how to take action and eradicate this latest version of standardized testing and data gathering that will follow your child cradle to grave.

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