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Over 1300 witness forms against Common Core were delivered to the Senate Education Committee at the recent Common Core hearing on March 26.  There were many that were turned in at the hearing as well, but 1335 witness forms were presented by Ron Calzone of Missouri First (thank you Ron) who received these electronically.  These markers represent the areas from which they were sent.  You can use your “critical thinking skills” (see, you really didn’t need Common Core to possess this skill) to determine that this is not an rural vs urban education issue.

If you missed sending in your witness form you might still have time as the hearing for SB 514 & SB 798 will be continued this Wednesday, April 2.  We are asking if additional witness forms will be accepted.  You can access a witness form at libertytools.com:

liberty tools

Send this link to anyone concerned about Common Core State Standards and encourage them to fill out a witness form.  Make your voice heard and add your marker to this sea of red markers.  There is an area on the form to tell your legislators specific concerns you have about the adoption/implementation of the standards.  The people don’t have a lobbyist to send to the Capitol every day to push their message.  This is your chance to directly speak to your representative and senator.

Will  you be witness #1336?



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