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It took about four years before two dreaded words in the English language~Common Core~gained national attention by the media and politicians.  The reason?  Angry moms (and dads) started raising concern about the CCSSI at their school boards, with their legislators, state boards of education, state education agencies and were summarily ignored and/or ridiculed.  Questions were not answered and concerns were dismissed.

The education reformers/supporters  responded by attacking the citizens voicing their concern about the adoption and implementation of the standards.  Adults (who are compelled to pay for this reform) have been told by pro Common Coreites they are:

  • Misinformed
  • Right Wing nut jobs
  • Obama haters
  • Racists
  • Not teachers so they have no right to complain or make suggestions
  • Hysterical
  • Ignorant and/or confused
  • Bullies
  • Worried for nothing: we’ve always had standards
  • Stuck in the past

The Fordham Institute mistakenly believes that the marketing ploy needed to make this illegal reform more palatable should focus on emotional statements to parents.  Don’t you think the reformers have slung enough emotional vitriol onto parents by calling them names and marginalizing them?  Parents don’t want or need the reformers to talk down to them or wrap their message in a ‘gentler, kinder’ campaign.  It’s condescending and shows again how the reformers won’t discuss the facts about the Initiative.

Citizens want the truth about the process, transparency, cost, data retrieval and storage.  It might be too late for the reformers to save the Common Core States Initiative.  They should have realized that trying to drown parental concerns only make them angrier and more determined to find the facts (not half truths/PR talking points) out about the CCSSI.  One question we get asked is ‘how do I opt my child out of the assessments?’.  SEAs and local districts oftentimes give vague answers to parents and the cycle of half-truths begin once again.

Here’s one way to channel this anger into constructive action.  Make plans on August 24 to listen to a webinar on ‘Opting Out of high stakes testing’.  Sign up to participate and listen to folks who want to give you information to empower you, not to marginalize you or couch their message in half-truths:


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