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Andrew Palmer, former teacher 7th Grade English Language Arts in the Kansas City, MO area informed me of a Scholastic book due to be released to the general public in August 2015.   He received an advanced proof of the book George by Alex Gino.  He wants parents to be aware of what Scholastic is requesting teachers to read and possibly support for student reading ages 8-12, grades 3-7.  The author’s website may be found here:

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Here is the information from Scholastic on George,  a book about an eight-year-old girl named Melissa, who was born a boy named George.


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What is this former teacher’s opinion on this upcoming Scholastic book and Scholastic’s request for teachers to determine if George should be placed in the classroom for student reading?

The topic itself really doesn’t bother me. I actually believe it’s a real thing. The issues lie in the fact that we are currently living in a world with incredibly more important topics that are at play and Scholastic feels the need to force this into classrooms through teachers. Statistically, it is estimated that .3% of the US population is transgendered. That’s not even a million people! Scholastic is the exclusive book club that is often used in classrooms around the country. No one competes with them. Parents should know that this book will have a high chance of appearing in the Scholastic Book Club order forms in August/September of the next school year. Not all teachers do the order forms, but I have all the years I’ve taught. If I was still teaching next year, I’d have a hard time justifying putting this in front of my students. 

 For more information on teachers/parents who raise similar classroom concerns as Palmer, visit Conservative Teachers of America.

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