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Why spend money when you can get pouty lips following the current ed reform policies?  Do these current facts about education concern you?

  • non-governmental organizations wrote education policy (not your state agencies)
  • these same NGOs are not held accountable to the public even though public money is spent to implement the NGO policies
  • public schools now operate largely under centralized standards and the assessments aligned to those standards (how is education ‘state led’?)
  • there has been little to no transparency in how public policies are written, by whom, and who paid the writers of the standards
  • close reading has replaced in-depth study of texts
  • student data privacy is an archaic term as data is accessed by state/federal agencies and third party researchers without your knowledge on how this data is being used
  • states still must have approval from the Federal Government to be sure they are acceptable to Federal guidelines (how is education ‘state led’ again)?

If the above facts don’t give you pouty lips and you desire that look, then you might want to check what CandyLipz offers.  Ed reformers should figure out a way to start businesses to charge for the pouty lips they’ve put on many parents concerned about public education.  They’ve hijacked everything else in education: standards, assessments, data mining.  Why not pouty lips?  Parents by and large are not smiling about what they are directed to accept and pay for without any accountability.  That fact alone (lack of accountability) should cause anyone to pout.


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