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If you are a parent concerned about rising student debt, students studying in fields with limited job opportunities with no hope to pay back that debt, universities focusing more on political correctness vs academics, you might want to examine the infographic published by Addeco.  While US high-tech workers are said to be in short supply by the corporations/organizations supporting the need for more H-1B visas and the need for the Common Core State Standards Initiative, this claim has been refuted by research and data.

However, this infographic from Addeco provides insight on which skilled trade jobs will feel the most impact from baby boomer retirement and how to ensure these gaps are filled:


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If you accept the Addeco data and predictions you might want to advise your undecided student to think about a job in high demand in the next few years that doesn’t require a four-year university degree.  Maybe those students attending trade schools are actually smarter than those students graduating with debt, political indoctrination and no jobs.

You may access the entire infographic here.


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