The Washington Post reports that the Senate education committee plans to consider President Obama’s nominee, John King, for education secretary at a confirmation hearing at 2 p.m. on Feb. 25.

Now is your chance.

You have power when it comes to elections, when it comes to approving John King as Arne Duncan’s replacement…use your power to tell them why you don’t like what John King stands for.

Click to easily look up contact information for your US Senator here. (Call- it takes 2 minutes-leave a message- tell them your concerns. It does not have to be fancy- it is YOUR tax payer money, YOUR children, your power to do so. USE IT.)

If you don’t know King’s history in New York, ruthlessly pushing inBloom data mining and Common Core, read about it here:

What Arne’s successor, John King,  did to NY schools:

The disastrous rollout of the Common Core and its tests pushed the legislature to pass a moratorium on consequences for teachers resulting from the test score component of APPR—a moratorium opposed by John King. The legislature plans to reform APPR this session, although whether the system can be improved without a radical restructuring remains to be seen.

“You’ll see the rollout of a statewide data system that will give a lot more useful information to teachers and principals about student performance and a lot more useful data for policymakers.”- John King on inBloom

In the above quote, King was referring to the implementation of inBloom, funded and created by the Gates Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation. Its purpose was to amass an extraordinary amount of confidential student data with the intent of sharing it with private software developers to create personalized educational products. Despite public outcry, John King continued to support inBloom until the legislature stepped in and pulled the plug during the spring of 2014. Shortly thereafter, inBloom itself shut down. Leonie Haimson led the fight against inBloom in New York State and beyond.   In reflecting on John King’s stance she said:

The vast majority of New York parents, legislators of both parties, the governor, Assembly Speaker Shelley Silver, the majority of school board members and superintendents, along with the state teachers union, came out against his plans to share highly sensitive personal student data with inBloom and through inBloom with an array of for-profit vendors—but it made absolutely no difference to him King stood fast and refused to pull out.”--Valerie Strauss Washington Post


More  Doubts About John King here:

“New York state Assemblyman Raymond Walter (R-Amherst) says he doesn’t think King will be any better than Duncan. King previously served as commissioner of education of the State of New York, and in 2013 he launched a listening tour in response to the state adopting Common Core standards.

“You look at what’s happened over the last 10 years with education and the federalization of it, and Arne Duncan is certainly in the middle of that,” said Walter. “John King is more of the same. John King is somebody who doesn’t listen to teachers, doesn’t listen to parents, and pushes his own agenda. 

“They just screwed it up so terribly here in New York,” said Walter of King, who supported Common Core as more than 200,000 parents opted their children out of testing aligned to the controversial standards. “It was a disaster.”

King refused to listen to the will of taxpayers, Walter says.

He’s a firm believer in Common Core, right to the bone,” said Walter. “Every time I’ve heard him speak, it’s always a lecture and not a conversation. He enflamed so many people when he was doing this supposed listening tour. Shutting people down when they were speaking, avoiding questions, sermonizing”, said New York state Assemblyman Raymond Walter on John King.–Heather Kays, Heartland


CALL NOW. Look up contact for your US Senator here. (Call- it takes 2 minutes-leave a message- tell them your concerns. It does not have to be fancy- it is YOUR tax payer money, YOUR children, your power to do so. USE It.)



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