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At your fingertips!  Here’s a nifty list of all US Senators’ twitter handles:

You can also be part of a massive twitter rally by visiting the link below:

American Principles in Action (APIA) is providing us a great twitter engine to use and we ALL need to take advantage of this opportunity to tweet to ALL Senators with a click at
Senators won’t take our phone calls or emails if we don’t live in their districts. This is the ONLY way to express our public outrage to the Senate as a whole, beyond our own 2 US senators.
I implore you ALL if you have a twitter account, please tweet these tweets to the Senators and the featured tweets daily.  And get everyone you know with a twitter account to do it too!
What we need are HUGE NUMBERS of #StopECAA tweets – not informational tweets – inform them via phone calls and emails, twitter is too short for that anyway.
Just thousands upon thousands of tweets that tell them to #StopECAA!
Please help us generate massive numbers of tweets to this hash tag to end No child Left Behind!


American Principles Project Director of Education Emmett McGroarty has written why the reauthorization should be opposed.  Not only should you tweet the senators, you should also call:



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Dear Citizen:
Your urgent help is needed to STOP the federal intrusion into K-12 education!  The Senate plans to finish work this week on S. 1177, the Every Child Achieves Act (ECAA), sponsored by Sen. Lamar Alexander and Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA).  It is a rebrand of the failed No Child Left Behind law.
Please call your senators and tell them to vote “NO” on S. 1177. 
S. 1177 keeps the federal testing mandates that subject children to 17 standardized tests during K-12.  It dictates particular types of testing that are extraordinarily expensive, have a history of failure, and are designed to inject more intrusive psychological data- collection and psychological profiling/manipulation into the assessments. And it removes protection against socioemotional profiling in the federally mandated statewide assessments (eliminating No Child Left Behind’s prohibition against including assessment items that “evaluate or assess personal or family beliefs and attitudes”).
Instead of continuing the testing mandates, S. 1177 should allow parents to opt their children out of federal testing as tens of thousands have already done.
S. 1177 proponents point to language in the bill that prohibits the federal government from interfering with decisions on standards and assessments.   However, they neglect to note that those prohibitions simply repeat existing, ineffective prohibitions and that, in any event, the bill does not give the states any means to enforce the prohibitons!
Many programs with questionable worth are reauthorized under this bill. Instead of rolling back federal intervention, the bill authorizes new early-care education grants for expanding ineffective pre-K programs. Federal involvement has done little for the K-12 population; why should we expect it to boost outcomes for younger children?
No Child Left Behind showed that federal interference in education increases burdens on students and teachers but not achievement. S. 1177 is a missed opportunity to restore control of education to the states and people. 
Please call your U.S. Senators and tell them to vote NO on S. 1177, the Every Child Achieves Act.
Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121 
Sincerely yours,

Emmett McGroarty
Director of Education
American Principles in Action




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