screwed by state

There should be one caveat to this definition of regulations on twitter that is also an apt definition of The Common Core State Standards Initiative.  The CCSSI does allow wealth creation for the few: Pearson, Microsoft, etc.  It’s the wealth creation for the few from taxpayers without any public accountability.  Other than that, the description is right on target.

Did the stakeholders in the creation/adoption/implementation of the CCSSI EVER ask the consumers if they even wanted the product?  The answer to that is NO.   There is no empowerment of the consumer, only ridicule and hate speech directed toward the consumers (aka the taxpayers compelled to pay for these reforms/regulations) when they question the bureaucratic plans for their schools and children.

And how can a  *common* initiative morph into an *innovative* initiative?  The CCSSI is quite prescriptive in common standards, teacher evaluation requirements, data retrieval and turnaround school directives.  There can be no real competition when a ‘one size fits all’ outcome is the desired goal and the Federal Government is setting the expectations for states to receive federal money.  Proponents can state all day long the CCSS doesn’t tell teachers how to teach but when students are to reach the same goal at the same time, that’s the definition of lunacy and the death of innovation (and superior teaching) to allow students to realize their full potential.  These regulations create conformity in the delivery of a common education blueprint.

As Screwed by State says: other than that they work just fine.


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