STEM and Disney
Laid off Disney worker speaking about having to train his foreign replacement in America on a H-1B visa


The above excerpt comes from As Floridians Are Displaced, Rubio Demands More Foreign Workers which tells the story of STEM workers being fired by Disney and replaced by guest workers on H-1B visas for less pay.  This is a similar story to what happened to Silicon Valley hi-tech jobs.  From a previous post Is the Need for Common Core STEM Education a Lie:



Disney is just another mega-corporation (like Microsoft, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard) wanting to cut costs.  It’s also a sweet deal for a company like Disney as it can market its products aligned to Common Core:


disney and STEM

All the fantasy surrounding Common Core, the PR nonsense crafted by The Chambers of Commerce, politicians decrying public schools not graduating enough STEM graduates (and hence the necessity for Common Core), and huge corporations lobbying Congress on the urgent need for STEM education through the Initiative is increasingly being shown to be a fictional script.


Senator Rubio needs to explain his plan to increase worker visas.  State legislators need to explain why, when 75% of workers with STEM degrees are not working in STEM fields, schools must align to CCSS so that our kids are STEM ready.  Corporations need to defend their support for Common Core and STEM education for American students even as they have no plan to hire American students when they can hire foreign students at reduced salaries and benefits.

This is what the STEM lie is all about:

Rubio’s “I-squared” bill would triple the number of temporary guest workers businesses could bring into the country every year, and allow for a virtually unlimited number of university-based green cards.

The big businesses backing this bill and clamoring for more guest workers insist they can’t find enough Americans willing or able to fill certain “high-skilled” jobs. Rubio obviously agrees, and has argued more guest workers and immigration generally will result in more jobs for Americans.

But his office did not respond to multiple requests for an explanation of his support for the bill or a response to his constituents replaced by foreign workers at Disney.

“It’s basically a quest for cheap labor,” Norm Matloff, a computer science professor at the University of California Davis, told TheDCNF. “The abuse of H-1B pervades the entire industry. They all could find American workers if they wanted to, but they want cheap labor and they want immobile labor.”

Maybe the best training we can give our kids is research and understanding the history of how politicians are allowing the private takeover of education and the workforce via legislative mandates, grants and regulations.  CCSSI has nothing to do with education.  It is a massive program for data collection couched in crisis laden language to enable private organizations to cash in on the STEM shortage that doesn’t exist.




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