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Graphic above is from Education Writers Association on Sexual Assault and Title IX and the Federal mandates colleges must address or experience financial penalties/legal actions.  The article explains the various task forces created by the Obama administration, the type of campus judicial proceedings (determined by the Federal Government) required in investigations, and the programs instituted for data gathering.  Pay particular attention to the last sentence from the last paragraph above: The task force also asked colleges to start surveying students about the campus climate.

University of Missouri students must now complete an online quiz on what constitutes sexual assault before they can graduate due to Title IX mandates.  As it is a graduation requirement, this information is personally identifiable.  University of Southern California has gone a step further to ascertain their students understand the language of consent and what constitutes a sexual assualt according to Title IX guidelines.  Incoming students to USC  (start surveying students about the campus climate) are required to complete an *anonymous* survey on their sexual history.

Is such a survey really anonymous?  How could the college admit a student if it didn’t obtain evidence that the student had submitted a dossier (survey) on his/her sexual history?  Does that conflict with the statement that it’s anonymous?  Do readers believe that anything completed online is truly anonymous?  From Campus Reform and USC students required to detail sexual history before registering for classes:


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How this practice of divulging highly personal and sexual historical information creates globally competitive individuals or academic excellence hasn’t been proven to my knowledge.  Are colleges/Federal Government now practicing voyeurism with students?  Isn’t voyeurism illegal?  If the State has determined that a college must take the temperature of the school sexual climate, students can realistically expect more questions like these, whether their status is incoming or existing.  Are USC and the Federal Government practicing sexual harassment and voyeurism by requiring students to reveal their private behavior online to unknown entities?  From USC and its nudging of behavior:

In an email obtained by Campus Reform, students were told they must complete the Title IX training in order to register for courses in the spring.

“This course is mandatory, and you must complete it by February 9, 2016. If you do not complete the training by this date you will receive a registration hold until the training is complete,” the email stated.  (MEW note: how can the survey results be anonymous if registration holds are possible?)

Many universities require students to complete a course on Title IX, but some students at USC are worried the online course they are required to take is too intrusive.

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“It was just full of super personal questions,” Jacob Ellenhorn, a student at USC, told Campus Reform.

Despite some students being uncomfortable with the content of the course, the campus-wide email assured students they would “enjoy the assignment.”

“We believe you’ll enjoy the assignment, and that this training is in line with our shared belief that Trojans care for Trojans. It is an innovative, engaging, and informative online course, created with students for students,” the email stated.

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Isn’t the insistence of the university requiring/coercing an individual do something that violates their beliefs akin to not adhering to the same guidelines they want these same students to follow in their personal/sexual relationships?  When does no means no?  When a college requires  invasive personal information from students for admission, there is no word in the university lexicon that means no.   The university’s shared belief may compromise your individual beliefs but as we are all a collective now, your individual beliefs of not wanting  to share your personal sexual history are unimportant.  Not only are they unimportant, failure to comply will cause your rejection.  Can you even believe that the university would use the same phrase that predators use when victimizing others?

We believe you’ll enjoy the assignment…..regardless of it violates your privacy and you say *no*


When did coercion become synonymous with enjoyment?




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