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From a Missouri Mom:

Something on the lighter side.  I just had to share what was shared with me,  since we know tin foil hats are all the new rage in Missouri!  😉

Watch this “Weird Al” Yankovic Music Video: FOIL.  He doesn’t include Common Core in the ‘Big Conspiracy’ but you get the idea.  Wait for the end.


Missourians have been accused of all sorts of conspiracy theories connected to Common Core.  Does the following statement by The North Dakota Chamber of Commerce confirm the truth that many CCSS opponents have maintained for six years about the creation of the standards or will it be swatted away as a conspiratorial belief?  Another talking point about CCSS has been changed by the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce within the last few days.  Remember the insistence that the standards were indeed ‘state led’?  There’s now a shift in messaging.  From and an op-ed written by the president and CEO of the Greater North Dakota Chamber:

The reality is this: Common Core is an initiative forwarded by governors, educators and the business community.

That’s more than a subtle change.  That’s a move from being labeled as being led by the states to now being forwarded.  Think of it this way: Forwarding an email vs writing an email is quite different.  One party does the actual work or writing and one party just hits ‘forward’.   Here’s the 2009 PR piece on Common Core from the US Chamber (

state led common core


So is the new talking point of the proponents is that governors, educators and the business community now are ‘forwarding’ an initiative that was factually never ‘state led’?  And like the question of what IS the meaning of is?, The Chamber should define what ‘participating’ in a ‘state-led’ process really meant.  Actual ‘participation’ may mean something quite different than just ‘forwarding’.

Pass the tin foil.  Or maybe start taking it off?


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