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Hope you can have a twitter convo with Arne Duncan tomorrow.  I wonder if he believes the parents should have a seat at the table in deciding the educational direction of their child’s classroom, or if their role should be one of support via their taxes and supporting the NGOs currently directing/developing education.

If you are a white suburban mom you might want to edit your twitter handle if  those first two descriptors are in your profile.  Unless he has changed his mind, he doesn’t hold you in high value.  He’ll take your money and children, but when it comes to your opinion, not so much.

A preview of his probable remarks can probably be found in this USDOEd press release:


U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan today released a set of rights that outlines what families should be able to expect for their children’s education:

“I want to describe educational rights that I firmly believe must belong to every family in America — and I hope you’ll demand that your leaders in elected or appointed offices deliver on them,” Duncan said during a speech to the 2015 National Parent Teacher Association Convention and Expo in Charlotte, North Carolina. “They come together as a set of rights that students must have at three pivotal stages of their life, to prepare them for success in college and careers and as engaged, productive citizens.”

To help prepare every student for success in life, families have the right to:

  • Free, quality preschool;
  • High, challenging standards and engaging teaching and leadership in a safe, supportive, well-resourced school; and
  • An affordable, quality college degree.


I don’t know where those ‘rights’ are in the Constitution, but this is what this Administration has decreed is rightfully yours,  It’s all up to the government to provide this to you and it will be constructed in the manner in which the USDOEd determines is best for the common good, not for your individual child.  But why quibble with a Secretary of Education who has determined that your rights to liberty are squashed by governmental mandates?  (Just as an aside, what happens if your student doesn’t want to be an engaged, productive citizen?)  And what if you are a parent who believes family rights come from the family, not from what Duncan and other bureaucrats have determined what you are entitled to?

Visit his twitter feed to determine his priorities and prepare your questions.  He really wants to engage with you.  Really.  He was just joshing when he made those Alinsky statements about certain parents.




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