If more East Haddam parents understood the current educational reforms, Common Core and the use of standardized testing, they wouldn’t be as proud of their schools for buying into the spin.


Below is a discussion about Common Core led by a parent in East Haddam, Connecticut.  The snippets of conversation include: discussion on SBAC, data retrieval, test results that don’t count, wondering if the tests are SBAC or state testing, the tests don’t measure student progression…they only are “testing the test”, “flying the plane while we are building it”….this is testing not teaching….hours and hours of testing…and according to a student, the teachers are teaching to the lowest kid in the class.

Listen near the end as the mother talks about her 15 year old son who researched private school options because of his disgust at his education in the public school.  He told his mother to use the college money the parents had saved to pay for the rest of his high school education in a private school.

Welcome to Common Core.  Take your students out yesterday.  It’s time.  This is criminal.  Literally and figuratively.


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