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Check out this great meme from Clever Classroom on Facebook and responses:

  • That is exactly how it goes. But, it should be added that, while there is the expectation to teach how to fish, the teacher is not given any fishing poles, line, hooks, sinkers, lures, and it is expected to be done in the middle of the Sahara Desert.
  • That’s, of course, after we change the bait mid-season and move your pupils to a fishing spot where no one has ever fished before, and we’re not certain what kind of fish, if any, are in the pond.
  • You also need the students to explain why they are fishing in the first place – they will need to do it in record time and after 4 months of not practicing it, because they have to quickly learn other standards….they have a standardized test for non standard students.
  • And wait, here’s an even better idea…since you’re job is to teach people to plant gardens, which we know isn’t really important, we’ll fire you still based on how many fish are caught. Because…that’s fair.
  • It pains me–besides the harm we see being done to our students–that we, the teachers, are blamed for the detours we are directed to take. If a police officer directs traffic to a new/different route, the average bystander does not blame the drivers for going that route. People outside the teaching profession: Teachers are not the all-powerful creatures of your childhood. We are largely told what to do. Get involved, contact your congressman, become aware of instructional models that are being pushed in the schools.
  • ….and at the end of the course, each group of students must catch more fish than the group that you had last year and that must continue to happen or the teacher may lose his/her job.



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