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This home school thing is AWESOME!!! My daughter is SO much happier about school work!! She says that I am explaining math where she understands it “not all confusing like the teachers did”! Oh, and we’ve started learning sign language! She is 8 years old and it’s her desire to become a master at it. She studies her forms every day without being told. I don’t even have to tell her to do “school” stuff, she just does it and then comes and shows me her work! We took our first “field trip” last week….it was only to the book store, but she had a blast and we were able to talk about so much there and on the way home.


She was bursting with questions that we called the very long discussion (that I thought would never end) our “class time”. We have a field trip scheduled for March to experience poverty conditions in Uganda and I’ve already told her that she will be quizzed when we leave and she’s cool with that. Daddy gave her a desk and will be picking up a desk chair for her to sit beside my desk. She is beyond thrilled! I’ve not seen this much excitement for learning since she was in Pre-Kindergarten!! Best decision I’ve ever made!!

I contacted the Mom for more information on why she made the decision to pull her daughter from public school and here is her reply:

Our school district does not have any curriculum requirements so I am avoiding all Common Core. I didn’t want it shoved down her throat in school, I’m not going to do it at home. She is learning math in ways that she understands and that I can teach. :)

I live in FL so our Common Core is called the Sunshine State Standards, which believe it or not, does have some parents convinced that FL has no Common Core. I decided to homeschool for a couple of reasons:

  • she has struggled in math since 1st grade
  • failed math and English the entire 2nd grade year. 


I asked for her to be held back and they wouldn’t.  I asked for her to be tested for a possible learning disability and I was told that she just needed to stop being lazy and to try harder, she didn’t understand it when the teacher taught it and when she asked for the teacher to explain again she was told that she should have been paying attention better. I even changed her schools hoping that going to a better school would help her and she did worse! She went from being pushed through the system with C’s to getting all F’s and I knew that she was doing the work because I got the papers sent home every week, some of it not fully complete but she was trying. We did the homework every night and it was turned in. Her grades reflected from her mini tests that they were giving. I gave it one last shot and requested a meeting with both teachers as well as guidance. I wanted all three of them there with me so we could discuss what to do for her. The teachers purposely kept guidance out of it and again told me that my daughter was just lazy and wasn’t trying, said that she didn’t need tested for a learning disability (even though at 8 years old and in 3rd grade she still struggles with b,d, 2,5) and that I needed to push her more to try harder. (The mom is referring to reversals. It can be a challenge to tell the difference between b and d, and 2 and 5 because they are mirror images of each other.)

After the meeting I went to guidance to talk with the counselor, I asked her about testing my daughter, she told me that the teachers don’t feel that it was needed so she wouldn’t file for it. I then left and and made an appointment with Home Education. Within 2 days I had her enrolled in Home School. I have fought with my state’s school system for 3 yrs for my daughter and knowing that the standardized tests are coming up in less than a month now, knowing that she was already stressed to the max, knowing that she would fail those tests miserably which would then make her feel even more stupid than she already felt, knowing that the results of those tests would yes finally hold her back to maybe catch up it would also destroy her and would possibly set her back even further. I just could not continue to allow that to happen to her. In conversation, everyone remarks how intelligent she is, but academically she looked as if she didn’t even know her own name. I took back control of my daughter and her education and it has been a fight with others, including my husband who doesn’t think I have the patience or the tools, it has been a wall builder against those who look at me like a Greek Mythology monster when they hear she is now home schooled, but in just this small amount of time, I have seen such a wonderful shift in her willingness, eagerness and hunger to learn! That is my reward and what tells me that I did the right thing for her! I’m glad I made that leap!!


She is not stopping her fight against the current education reform but she is exiting her child out of the system as it was not appropriate for her child and the administrators were unwilling or unable to provide educational benefit.  That’s the problem with providing a common education to children who don’t fall within those standardized expectations: they start drowning and the administrators can’t/won’t help them.


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