How free are we today in the United States?  What do you think the Founding Fathers would say about the immense regulatory mandates imposed on citizens with no public accountability?  Think Brexit:


Unaccountable and unelected bureaucrats should not decide over 500 million people


The problems areas will not just be in the economy but also on the world political stage. The elite is not pleased with Cameron that he gave the British people a democratic vote on the question of the country’s EU membership. Political leaders know that it is very dangerous to give the people the option to decide on any important issue. Only the Swiss people have this right and exercise it frequently. In most countries the elected government take all the important decisions without consulting the people. And in the EU it is even worse than that. Because most of the binding decisions for all member states are taken by unelected and unaccountable officials. And the European Court of Justice stands above all member states’ judicial systems.
The British people have with a small majority rejected to have their sovereignty given over to Brussels. They have also made it clear that they don’t want to be forced to accept the EU rules on unlimited and uncontrolled immigration which if continued will destroy the fabric of the U.K. and the rest of Europe.

The Elite failed to trick the UK to stay in the EU

What is quite astounding is that Cameron and the British government lost the vote in spite of having every economic expert in the world on their side as well as Obama, Lagarde, Carney (governor of the Bank of England) and many others. They also published reports that wages would go down as well as house prices and that taxes would go up. In the end all this propaganda became counterproductive. The British people just didn’t believe what they heard and they have now called the elite’s bluff. This is why there is panic in many high circles in the world. But the elite is going to use all means to reverse the UK decision. Tony Blair, the ex UK prime minister, is now proposing himself as the main negotiator for the UK with Brussels. Blair is an Elite member and earns $10s of millions on cozy deals on behalf of the elite, similar to Bill Clinton. There can only be one purpose for his intervention in the Brexit negotiations which if it happened would not bode well for the UK. But I doubt that the conservatives would welcome an ex labour politician and elite member to act on their behalf.

For the EU officials this is a serious defeat and a dangerous erosion of their authority to rule Europe as a Superstate. Because now there are already demands for referenda in many European countries like France, Holland and Denmark. The EU elite will do everything in their power not to let any of the remaining 27 countries have a democratic vote. But the cat has been let out of the bag and it will be very difficult to stop this drive for freedom from the Brussels shackles to spread.

You can’t recognize your imprisonment unless you know you are imprisoned.  Think of the ways we have been imprisoned in the United States by the elites, politicians and NGOs via:

  • education reforms resulting in the Federal Government ‘guiding’ educational decisions for states and schools
  • health care reforms taking decision making away from doctors and choice away from patients
  • financial and housing reforms which only help the elites
  • smart meters and other environmental regulations which are an invasion of privacy, a health concern and increased energy costs as the government determines the winners and losers in energy providers
  • IRS policies targeted toward certain groups the government wants to thwart
  •  ‘acceptable’ speech decided by university diversity officers
  • safe spaces for those who can’t handle diversity, but can only tolerate being caged so they won’t be threatened by someone saying something they deem offensive


So what is it going to take to get folks to recognize their imprisonment and rise up against the false promises of the elites?  What’s more important to you: a cramped cage or freedom?  You might fail if you’re free but at least you won’t be held captive waiting for the next edict that tells you how to live your life or suffer the wrath of the government.  What has happened to Americans that they find a cage even remotely attractive?



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