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Depending on your settings, Google has your voice recorded, your searches recorded, HAS YOUR LOCATION, your whereabouts over the past year recorded and mapped.

Yes, this is real.

Follow the simple instructions below to see what is recorded on your phone- or children’s phones and learn how to delete the recordings. Then, CHANGE YOUR SETTINGS.

It is worth your time to do this.
Get this. I had an old android phone. When I had the old phone, we took a trip. I got a new phone and a new computer after this trip (my old computer went black screen and died.)  So, two new devices, after this trip.

Logging onto my new phone today, to see if Google really does record and store your voice and map your travels…  Sure enough, Google had my location, every place I have gone was marked on the map.  Remember, my new phone,  my new computer were not even purchased when I went on this trip last year.  Google can collect this audio and location data from your phone and store it in their cloud.  You can clear cookies (which I do), you can get a new device and your data history is still stored, talking to you, and showing you what you searched for, your geo location, where you have been in the world.

Creepy? Not at all.

Do yourself a favor, read this short article alerting folks to this issue. There is a link to see your stored data in Google and you have the ability to listen to, look at and delete it if you want.

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Google history page 3 web app CROP


If you do not give Google permission to store your voice recordings, and map your location, etc  all the slide bars should be turned off and greyed out.   (In the example above, all permissions are turned off except mapping “places you go”.   You would double-click the slide bar button to grey it out, turn off that permission.)


If this is making you wonder what Google has recorded and stored on your children, or students who often use devices in school, you are not alone.    Check.


Also, you might want to check permissions on other apps.

Facebook recently updated how it collects data on users and non-users. You must go in and OPT OUT of this.

See how to opt out Facebook’s new data collection here.

See how to turn off Facebook microphone here.

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