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What’s the reality about the #ESEA re-authorization being an open process?  From an activist opposed to this bill and trying to discover exactly what’s in it (sent 11.18.15):

I am disgusted with the way the esea reauthorization process is being abused and the lack of access to the document that is under consideration.

To begin, members of the conference committee only received the language last night in a cardboard box. It is only in hard copy, so no sharing, and no page numbers, so one would have to count the pages to see how long it is. I have been told it is around five or six inches tall, so around 1100 pages or so? It would take a member of the committee a solid month to go through the bill. They will have two days.

This is disgraceful.


What’s the rush?  Why the secrecy?  What are the changes from the public information about the bill that has been released?  Can taxpayers see what’s in the bill as it is currently written?  That’s doubtful.  Word on the street is that even House Ed Committee members don’t have it.

Visit yesterday’s post on some of the reasons why this bill should be opposed.  It should be primarily opposed because it’s the tactic from the Affordable Health Care Act: legislation being passed without the members knowing what was in it.

It is irrelevant if the Republicans or Democrats are in charge of running bills.  The elites are going to accomplish their goal of centralization of education.  Whether or not there are some positive aspects in this bill, the secrecy of bill specifics and the idea propagated by Alexander that this is a transparent process is indicative of a government that is not representative in the least.  Call today and express your opinion about the sham of transparency in this #ESEA re-authorization process.  We have seen the financial burden on states and taxpayers when a bill is passed before we know (and the politicians as well) what’s in it.  We have seen the increased personal data sharing between Federal agencies and third parties via this healthcare bill.  There’s a reason politicians don’t want the people–who are affected by legislation and have to pay for it–to know what’s contained in massive bill language.


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