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The Department of Education will instruct every public school in America to provide “suitable” bathroom and locker room facilities to match transgender students “chosen gender identity.”  From Obama Administration forces transgender bathroom rules on every school in America:

It appears Obama’s Education Department is using this decision as a rationale to mandate every school in America to accommodate any child whose gender identity might not sync with their actual gender.

Whether the administration chooses to mandate a bathroom/locker room free-for-all by utilizing Title IX, which was written in 1972, or by utilizing the 1964 Civil Rights Act (as they did earlier this week in their lawsuit against the state of North Carolina) they’ll be hard pressed to find any contemporaneous notes by congressmen and senators who crafted those historic laws which reveal that they were trying to protect against not just sexual discrimination, but transgender discrimination as well.

Regardless of how this gets worked out in the courts, every parent in America will wake up this morning having to deal with an issue they probably never thought they’d have to face several years ago. Parents now have to decide how they will deal with the reality that their child will not enjoy a basic level of privacy when they use a restroom or locker room when they go to school. Will this bring about a rise in private school attendance? Will it inspire more parents to home school their children?  Will states flirt with the idea of refusing federal education funds?  (MEW bolded)

Either way, if anyone wondered what President Obama meant when he promised to “fundamentally transform the United States of America,” now they know.


Joy Pullman addresses those three questions from the HotAir piece and offers her perspective in Obama Threatens Schools: Let Men In the Little Girls’ Room Or Else:

What’s the Breaking Point If Not Child Abuse?

Before the transgender madness hit, parents already had many reasons to prefer a different education arrangement. Common Core alone has prompted a surge in homeschooling. Families have proven remarkably willing to overlook the many long-standing major faults of public education, largely because it’s “free.” Paying for private-school tuition or homeschooling will require major changes for many families.

I would move to Australia, quit my job, and live on rice casseroles to keep my daughter from having to shower next to a naked penis-bodied being, and even to keep my small children from being told in preschool and kindergarten about anal sex and condoms; that’s a far bigger deal than Common Core. My children will not be assaulted with notions about sex that will undermine their ability to have a satisfying marriage and sex life.


Is it time to take your child out of public school yesterday?  The following incident occurred in a public indoor pool, but couldn’t this scenario occur with a 17-year old male who identifies as a female in a public school locker room?  Pullman continues:

And let’s be real: If this sort of thing doesn’t motivate parents, nothing will:

My 14 year-old daughter is on a swim team with the NYC parks department where she practices at one of the public indoor pools. She is one of the older kids, with the youngest teammate a 7 year old. Today she informed us that just as she finished getting dressed after practice, a middle-aged man came out of the showers. He had a towel on so she couldn’t confirm if any surgery had been done (now there’s a conversation I never thought I’d be having with my kid) but besides his very large, breast-less male body type, bald head and mens’ shoes he was putting on, there was no question in her mind that he was a man. And she observed that the younger girls (remember, one’s a 7 year old girl) were staring with concerned expressions.


It’s a Common Core world unleashed: the Federal Government threatens to withhold funding if its ‘directives’ and/or ‘suggestions’ if states/schools have the audacity to set their own rules.  This is reminiscent of the twitter wars with a group of  teachers who supported the oligarchic structure of Common Core, the NGOs, and the Federal Government setting educational standards.  Remember, these mandates were complete with the threat of sticks (loss of funding) if the carrots (mandates/suggestions) were ignored.  These same teachers might applaud the overreach of this current bathroom/locker room directive in its quest for full inclusion and validation of feelings.  If these public school employees are too ignorant to understand the ramifications of such a decree and are not alarmed at the administration’s interpretation of the law, then that’s  yet another reason to pull your children out of the public education system. 


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