The reaction when you hear the tired but it’s just standards and they are state led:


common core rahrahs

You can watch the video here.  What’s your reaction when reading Florida Education for Excellence’s PR talking points on the standards?  What do you call Mike Huckabee who was for the standards before he was against them (which he really wasn’t against)?  From Conservatives for Higher Standards (2013) funded by FEE:


huckabee and ccss

Memo to Governor Huckabee: the assessments must be aligned to the standards and the assessments are aligned to the curriculum.  Governor Huckabee and other Republican candidates need to address the truth about the standards, assessments and curriculum revealed by the primary funder to assure the Common Core is successful.  Bill Gates clearly defines the purpose and goal of Common Core in a speech to the National Conference of State Legislators in 2009.  The architects will know it has been successful when the curriculum and tests are aligned with the standards.  Watch as he tells state legislators that the Federal Government will fund $350 Million to create these kind of tests next-generation assessments aligned to the Common Core:



When the tests are aligned to the common standards the curriculum will line up as well and will unleash a powerful market of people providing services for better teaching.  For the first time there will be a large uniform base of customers looking at products that can help every kid learn and every teacher get better.  What he doesn’t mention to the legislators is this direction/development of public education by private NGOs is unconstitutional and violates three Federal statutes.  He is just assuming the role of the nation’s superintendent.  Why the NCSL isn’t protesting this political coup is another post for another day.  Take one guess why there was no outcry from the NCSL…which is yet another private NGO receiving Gates Foundation funding:  It’s the money.



Here is a statement from Republican candidate for President, Jeb Bush:


Conservatives for Common Core


Another article you might want to take a look at is this piece from Robert Pondiscio in The Fordham’s Institute publication.  Did he just admit that Common Core will indeed develop curriculum?

There are good reasons to think that Common Core may at last be spurring the development of innovative curriculum. Last month, my Fordham Institute colleagues released a report that gives a warm review to EngageNY, a comprehensive, Common Core-aligned curriculum developed by New York State for its seven hundred-odd school districts. “While imperfect, the materials offer educators…an important alternative to traditional textbooks of questionable quality and alignment,” the report notes.

…Reliable, neutral evaluations are another obstacle to curriculum coming into its own as a true reform lever, but there’s encouraging news here, too: A new, independent organization called has begun reviewing instructional materials for alignment to the Common Core, providing something akin to a free Consumer Reports of curriculum.


Mr. Pondiscio should clarify his description of as an ‘independent organization’.  It should more aptly be described as another NGO funded by the usual foundations pushing Common Core:


You can see how Bill Gates’ 2009 vision to the NCLS is coming to fruition.  The ‘free’ curriculum will all line up so that the uniform customer base is established and all American students can use the same curriculum for the same assessments for the same standards.  This is just more babble that Peppermint Patty and taxpayers treat as PR nonsense which is in direct refutation of facts and statements from the ed reformers themselves.  It’s the privatization of public education and not conservative in the least.  It’s the choice architects trying to craft a message based on lies and the expansion of public/private partnerships.

So tell me again…why should I vote for a candidate who is supporting and/or rebranding Common Core?  Not only are they ‘misinformed’ about the purpose of Common Core, they really think you are ignorant.  I would wager they would classify anyone questioning the adoption, creation and implementation of CCSSI as a stay-in-bed mom.  Don’t be misled by these candidates and ed reformers who want to continue the oligarchic structure of the CCSSI.  That’s not ‘conservative’.  That’s elitist.


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