Is it time for students to EXPERIENCE what they’ve been TAUGHT? If they can’t question theories, then a new reality might just need to set in.


Here at MEW, we’ve decided (somewhat seriously) the BEST reality show…the most AUTHENTIC reality show would take place in a socialist country like Venezuela.  Contestants can experience what a socialistic country offers, and what it doesn’t, to its citizens.  Venezuela is where people are giving away their children because they can’t afford to feed them in a Socialist party headed system:



The Social Justice Warrior professors and students don’t focus on issues of basic survival.  They believe in their perceived societal struggles and demand the following:

  • equity
  • redistribution of wealth
  • diversity (but only if you are not white, Christian, male)
  • acceptance of all (excluding those who are white, Christian, male)

These SJW folks should visit a country in complete turmoil like Venezuela where survival is paramount and see how their theories play out in real life.  Or they could learn Romanian history from a woman who lived in a country which actually had zero ‘safe spaces’ and how totalitarian governmental policies impact people in real life.  From  and her reflections on the presidential election result and continued SJW demands in Eating Half the Crust of the Loaf of Bread:

One cannot imagine my temporary relief and inner peace, not having to hear Hillary’s hectoring voice, giving us lectures on social justice, equality, racism, bigotry, and white privilege, while banking billions of other people’s money.

Her voice reminded me of Elena Ceausescu, the “mother,” co-creator and conspirator of our communist misery and exploitation we had to endure for decades. She and her husband brought an entire nation to its knees with a Stalinist police state that was state of the art at the time.

On a really cold day like today, 22 degrees Fahrenheit, I remember my gloveless fingers turning red in the frigid air but holding on tight to my precious loaf of bread called “franzela.” I had waited in line for a long time to buy it and nobody let me ahead of the line because I was a child, it was a fight for survival.

No crayons, coloring books, or puppies to comfort and shield me from the harsh reality. I was fighting, in a small way, for our daily existence. There was no safe space for me to crawl into except my mother’s arms. And she was too busy to give hugs to her scared and cold little girl who did not understand that other people, in faraway lands, lived much better lives even in their darkest days. There was no time or place for pampering, we had to become hardened and learn fast how to survive.

We did not need a “safe space” from reality.  Reality was surrounding and suffocating us, there was no other place to go. If we had the easy and coddled life of precious American Snowflakes, full of awards, rewards, and undeserved and unearned praises, we would have never wanted to escape to an imagined “safe space.”

But the stories are not enough for students to grasp in their quest for social justice: (MEW bolded)

When I first started teaching full time in the 80s at a preparatory school for college in the south, I used to tell my classes stories of what life was like under socialism/communism; it was not the failed multicultural socialism you admire in western Europe. It was the socialism in Eastern Europe, behind the Iron Curtain.

When students asked questions, I told them frankly how it felt to be exploited by communism, to have your spirit destroyed, to be kept hungry, cold, and without hope for any future; what it was like to be stripped of all personal possessions, land, home, and individuality, to be stuck in tiny cinder block apartments, to be jailed because you had something extra in your home that was not reported to the all-mighty Communist Party that had every right to confiscate what you owned and distribute it amongst themselves as a reward for their “purity of Marxist thought.” And there was no law or justice to protect and defend us. And we had no guns because they had been confiscated as well.

When students joked, “yeah, you had to walk uphill barefoot in the snow to get to school,” I realized quickly that students had been so thoroughly brainwashed that they laughed and giggled at my stories, so I stopped telling them anything. The reality of the cruel communist life was just a joke to them.

It was impossible to educate people who had been so methodically programmed by their activist socialist teachers before me. Logic would have dictated that they would have asked themselves, if socialism was so great, why were all these people leaving their countries and their loved ones behind, everything they’ve ever known and loved, often at great risk if they defected, to come to the United States, to the west? And why are not Americans flocking to move to the then USSR, Cuba, China, or North Korea, their utopian paradise?

Why are all these “refugees” from the Middle East coming to the United States, into small and conservative communities around the country, if we are such a racist, intolerant, and bigoted country? Do they enjoy our generous welfare system offered to them on a silver platter, a ridiculous system that does not require anything of them in return, not even assimilation?


She notes that Western Europe had multicultural socialism which her students admired and is now being eradicated with terror attacks and political correctness.  Where will the safe spaces be for those citizens in France, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden (to name a few countries) when they are attacked in public venues?  How is that multicultural socialism working out for them?  How is socialism working in Venezuela?  Does anyone believe a socialist government is providing adequate service to families who have to give up their children? How is communism working in North Korea?  Maybe you should ask the Americans who were held  without due process.

Stop the fake reality shows and film a true reality show.  Here’s the pitch for a new program: It’s entitled “So You Want to be a Socialist/Communist”.  Graduate students/professors are the participants.  Drop them off in countries like Venezuela, North Korea, or China without a cell phone, money, or party connections.  Watch to see if they survive and view their quality of life.  See if they find any safe spaces or if the government is tolerant of their complaints.

These two comments on Dr. Paugh’s article are real life narratives about socialist/communist experiences:

We lived in Moscow right after Perestroika and Russia opened up to foreign business. Some of the Russians working at the US business came to America for company training and were awed by the abundance we had in our grocery stores – entire aisles dedicated to food for pets brought them to tears. I am dismayed by the brain washing of our young people at government public (re)education centers and hope I have passed on before they get what they think they desire. Until then I will fight to keep our country’s values and pride intact.


Where I live, a large portion of Finnish immigrants were suckered into renouncing their US citizenship and re-repatriated to Kurelia to take part in the Russian Marxist “workers utopia” in the late 30s.

Most of them woke up in a nightmare, a vicious police state, bearing the brunt of Stalin’s paranoia suspecting them of conspiring to annex Kurelia back into Finland and were under constant surveillance by the secret police.

I attended a seminar held by a woman who was a child of one of those families, she told of all the men keeping a emergency travel bag in case they got that dreaded knock in the door in the middle of the night.

One night during a severe blizzard, her father, who was sick with the flu, thinking someone had trouble in the storm and needed help, opened the door and was beset by the secret police who suspected him of conspiring against the state and were there to haul him off to jail. He talked them into letting him get dressed first and when he went into his bedroom to dress he grabbed his bag and out the window he went. She hadn’t heard from him for 33 years, not knowing if he was alive or dead. Finally she got a letter from Helsinki letting her know he had made it to Finland ok.

She said every one of those who went to Kurelia regretted it and being in their 70s and in poor health were ashamed to return to the US. This history is lost on modern generations now too.

After the discussion, I asked her how an intelligent people like the Finns who had lived next door to this menace for generations could have fallen for this BS? She started making the customary excuses about not knowing, etc., I reminded her that Gus Hall (Arvo Gustav Hallberg), head American communist lived just 5 miles down the road from where we were standing, once boasted that he longed for the day when the last preacher would be strangled by the guts of the last Christian in America. How could any civilized human being subscribe to and follow such a perverted ideology?

About that time a group of local Hammer and Sickle wavers started to gather to argue with me – I thought I was going to get mugged for sure. As a veteran who served in a war to keep their decadent ideology out of this country I was not going to let them have the last word. When the cops showed up to see what the commotion was all about, they left without incident.

These people who would trade their freedom for a dictatorship and cheer and celebrate the loss of their own liberty are like moths eagerly flying into the flames to claim their “fair share” of “free” fire. Surely liberalism is a mental disorder.


Do you have thoughts on how these stories will be reported (if at all) in common core aligned history lessons?  Check with your history teacher and school board  to determine if your school is using such teacher directed CCSS aligned curricula  (below) explaining why communism isn’t working.  It sounds a bit like the reason CCSS isn’t working: it’s not that it’s faulty and based on fallacies, it’s the *implementation* that keeps it from being successful:



Is this historical lesson from Fantasy Island?  Is communism a failure because of corrupted leaders and not because the reality of communism demands totalitarianism?  Can anyone point to a ‘successful’ communist/socialist society in which the demands of SJWs are realized and safe spaces are honored for bruised feelings?  Time for an honest reality show.


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