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From Why I am pulling my kids from public elementary school: a letter to the powers that be.


A Florida mom and former public school educator, Lynne Rigby, wrote a letter to her school board, Governor Scott and other officials informing why her two youngest children will not be attending Seminole County Schools.

It’s an eloquent letter and other parents should carefully read her words and reasons for doing so.  Even if you are not in Florida, your children are probably experiencing similar issues via Common Core mandates and assessments.

Rigby published her article on Friday, May 30.  As of Sunday night, the article had 133 comments, all of them affirming her decision.  Note these from two teachers:



Take time to read the many teacher comments with tales from what is really going on in the CCSS classrooms and how they hate it.  Take time to read how the teachers have nothing but praise for this mom’s decision.






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