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Terrific documented run down of all the data collectors, who’s involved and how. Many links. Good one to save!!

Your human capital has another title: ‘talented person’ investment.  Think of it as futurist apprenticeship and servitude.  For the privilege of ‘being invested in by a talent investment company’, the human capital now has the obligation to ‘share a small share of their income over 5 or 10 years’.  Students will not be only be responsible for ‘sharing their income’ to the IRS, they will additionally have the obligation to share income with the talent investors who direct the economy and work force.



Cheri Kiesecker, a Colorado mom and fierce outspoken advocate who is a member of many advocacy groups and the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy contributed to and helped author this article “The Astonishing Amount of Data Being Collected About Your Children” published by Valerie Strauss in The Washington Post on November 12, 2015.  What is the purpose of all this data collection?  Do they really want to “improve education” to assist our kids with a “high-quality education”?  Investors, corporations and venture capitalists are “investing” in our kids…..they now have the ability to choose students they want to “sponsor” or “invest in”.  Let me introduce you to a company called Global Education Futures.  www.edu2035   This group released one of many documents in 2007 of their “vision” of the future of education and how they can achieve that vision.   Their vision has turned into our reality.

Here GEF explains how education is seen as an investment asset (in 2007).

Education is now quite literally seen as an intangible investment asset, to which all criteria of investment markets should be applied.  The way this asset is created and capitalized should become transparent and easily manageable (incl. the partial “detachment’ of talent owners, as in stock and credit markets).”  (emphasis mine).

Corporations, investors and capital venturists can invest in your child – this is their vision and they are ensuring this particular plan stays on its current trajectory – “emerging opportunity of direct talent investment”….”$200,000 into a talented young person”….our kids.

Here they discuss investing in education with new models of talent for investors.  Does this even sound like a good idea?  Does this sound like our kids will receive a FAPE? or a “high-quality” education?  Depends on if you are the “talent” being invested in or the.. um…”un-talented”?  What happens to the kids who don’t have ‘investors’ interested in them?  Do they still have the same opportunities as the investor chosen talented kids?

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Note the goals around 2025.  University professors and curators may be a thing of the past.  Wouldn’t that be a help to state budgets and political conflict seen recently at The University of Missouri?  State legislators would welcome a plan to reduce state spending and the role of private ‘internships’ might just fit that bill.  Since having access to the internet has become a civil right, the expansion means that everyone can receive an education without ever having to step inside a school building.  Private business takes over the role of public education but the bureaucrats still control educational policy.  Legislators welcome the digital badging and move to competency rankings set by NGOs and/or state committees:


…read her (teacher Emily Talmage) excellent explanation of the fallacy of competency based education here. That will be one of the central buzz words coming from school leaders in the very near future.

Very smart, organized and well funded people are working behind the scenes to create the next bubble in America. The education bubble. Our legislators are lapping it up like feral cats with a saucer of cream.


Missouri is the latest state to jump on the competency bandwagon and it’s Republicans who pushed this law.  From Missouri Times:


Senate Bill 620 authorizes the State Board of Education, in consultation with the newly formed CTE Advisory Council, to establish minimum requirements for a CTE certificate.


It sounds good in theory but if you believe what GEF has in mind for human capital, those requirements for a CTE certificate in the future might just include a clause in which your human capital must pay for the privilege of being trained for a position in the work force.  Who knows?  It’s an appointed committee which faces no public accountability for its decisions for your human capital, just like the State Board of Education and the position of state commissioner of education.  From





Read the about the GEF map and study it closely:

Notice that educational trajectories will soon be commodities which will ultimately “impose limitations on special skills development.” In 2 years, IT companies will be the leaders in global education. We will have net-centric cultural values, which will unfortunately lead to “mass predictive texting induced learning disorders” in about a decade. All of this culminates with the Death of Renaissance Man by 2030. Where do I sign up?


With the death of the Renaissance Man will this mean America moves toward serfdom?  Maybe ‘serf’ is  a vocabulary word and worth of study in global history classes.  But then again, maybe not.  If you dumb down the population with close readings and no historical context, students won’t be able to comprehend the difference between being a Renaissance Man (or woman) vs being a serf.  When and if the people finally understand what has happened to their liberties and freedoms in exchange for being labelled a ‘talented person’ and paying employers for the ‘gift’ of employment, the French Revolution may pale to the future coming American revolution.


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