It’s time for citizens to voice our opinions on the direction of public education as a new administration transitions into The White House.  Rumors started yesterday that Michelle Rhee and Eva Moscowitz were being considered for Secretary of the Department of Education. Why would the President Elect nominate education reformers who supported the Jeb Bush plans for education and are supportive of Common Core Standards?


Read about Rhee and Moskowitz in Trump considering wildly unpopular cabinet choices for Education Secretary:

Meanwhile those who oppose Common Core are taking to social media with hot pokers and hashtags letting the Trump transition team know of their extreme displeasure with his options on Rhee and Moskowitz, linking both to Jeb Bush’s failed education policies. If Trump moves ahead with either candidate, expect the phone lines to the Senate to be set ablaze with calls to not confirm the new President’s cabinet appointment for Education.


StopCCSSinNYS has provided information for you to contact the Trump/Pence website and invites you to share your letter at their site.  If Trump’s campaign promise of getting rid of common core is authentic, then he needs to quash any nominations of any education reformers funded by NGOs supportive of common core.  Let his team know that these two women do not fulfill that requirement and their names should be withdrawn immediately.

You can also contact the President Elect on twitter: @realdonaldtrump

His transition team can be contacted here: @Transition2017




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