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The reformers just don’t get it.  @GOPHELP, the press release office of Senator Alexander issued this tweet:

HELPGOPThe message is that ECAA is the answer to the law that everyone wants to fix.  The everyone who supports ECAA consists of teachers, school superintendents, local school boards, state legislatures, chief state school officers, governors.  Who is missing?


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Yes, the group (taxpayers/parents) that funds this act and sends children into public schools under continuting federal control doesn’t support this act.  It might be time to tweet to @GOPHELP to let them know your opinion on ECAA.  This is reminiscent of how the CCSSI was adopted/implemented.  It had the support of private NGOs, bureaucrats, local school boards trained by private NGOs, and governors who relinquished their state sovereignty for underfunded Federal mandates.  The ones who are compelled to pay for these mandates and laws are inconsequential to the plan.  Where were the townhall meetings asking the taxpayers if they wanted this bill? 

Like I said, they don’t get it.  That, or they just don’t care.  It’s most likely they don’t care.  What do you think?



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