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They wanted to extinguish free thought, and the spark of questioning and dissent.

This is how oligarchs gain power: they circumvent the representative government to establish public/private partnerships which then face no public accountability.  Current oligarchs taking over public education would include the ed reformers supportive of The Common Core State Standards Initiative that does indirectly tells teachers how to teach:

Additionally, the conformity induced by Common Core undermines the very diversity and innovation that give parental choice its value. While Common Core does not directly mandate a specific curriculum, its testing regime will drive what is taught in the classroom, when it is taught, and even how it is taught. For example, Common Core tests algebra in 9th grade, which has already induced states like California to abandon their previous practice of teaching algebra in 8th grade. Had they not conformed, their students would likely have scored lower when being tested on material that they had not covered in a year.

The Common Core tests would also drive how concepts are taught in the classroom. As Dr. James Shuls of the Show-Me Institute, a former school teacher, has written:

The fact is that curriculum standards don’t tell teachers how to teach in the same way that a high jump bar doesn’t tell a jumper how to jump. You could theoretically jump over a high jump bar in whatever way you would like; but because of how the jump is structured there is a clear advantage to doing the old Fosbury Flop.2

Think about that when you wonder why your student is utilizing close readings without access to full historical context.   Ask why the ed reformers (and some Presidential candidates) insist on marginalizing those who exercise free thought, questioning and dissent.  

General James Mattis also talked about lack of leadership that could pertain to a civilian bureaucrat such as Secretary of Education Arne Duncan:

mattis and duncan

If you need to review the five forms of government: ,Monarchy(Rule by one person), Oligarchy(Rule by a small handful of people), Democracy(Rule by majority of the citizens), Republic(Rule by law), and Anarchy(No Government). read here and watch the video below.


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