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Add another sentence to this puppet: “Missouri Learning Standards are MISSOURI Learning Standards”



In a Joint Committee for Higher Education meeting last week in Jefferson City, a spokesperson from The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education stated that the Common Core Standards had been used in Missouri for five years.   Parents and legislators have been told during those five years that Missouri adopted CCSS with full implementation in 2014/15, but those nationalized standards were used in conjunction with Missouri Learning Standards:


dese lies

The Missouri Learning Standards purportedly include the Common Core State Standards and the CCSS enhance Missouri’s previous standards.  But when DESE supplied an online survey in August 2015 asking questions about the standards  (‘what standard don’t you like’ on,), the Missouri Learning Standards link was identical to Common Core State Standards, with nothing enhanced via Missouri Learning Standards.  You can see the graphic from our previous post here.  As of today’s date, when you search Missouri Learning Standards, the CCSSI standards appear as the standards Missouri  is using with no mention of enhancements.

If the talking points from DESE have been don’t worry, we have control over our own state standards even as we adopted and implemented common standards that other states have adopted as well, then why would a DESE spokesperson bemoan the fact that Missouri can’t use the assessments that align to the common standards?  Are The Missouri Learning Standards that DESE  adopted five years ago common to a consortia or are they indeed enhanced to the nationalized standards?  Are Missouri Learning Standards a unique set of standards or are they identical to Common Core State Standards?  If they were indeed enhanced, then how could different states authentically compare Missouri assessment results to a common set of standards?  The answer is: there could be no comparison.  If the standards are enhanced, then comparisons would be invalid.

DESE representative Sarah Potter is quoted that Missouri won’t be able to participate in ‘state-to-state comparability’ and must develop its own state-based (not consortia based) assessment plan.  From  A Major Goal Of The Common Core Is Going Unfulfilled:

Sarah Potter, communications coordinator for the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, said the frequent changes in which test will be given and what students will be tested on has frustrated teachers and parents. The state participated in Smarter Balanced this spring but lawmakers have appropriated $7 million to develop a new state-based assessment plan.

“We are losing that that state-to-state comparability after this year, unfortunately,” Potter said. “But our Legislature has said we should have Missouri standards so that is the route we are taking.”

Well, knock me over with a feather.  What exactly are Missouri Learning Standards, then?  Is this DESE’s admission that Missouri Learning Standards are actually indeed a renaming/rebranding of the Common Core State Standards?  Has DESE been feeding the public and legislature misinformation the last five  years about how Missouri standards actually were Missouri standards?


What other statements about the CCSSI from DESE, NGOs, school principals/administrators are just not true?  Refer to the opening graphic (from Choose to Refuse) and start making your own list.  Send us your archived special interest pro-CCSSI talking points and the now known facts about the NGO/state agency/USDOEd/school administrator misinformation.  The pro-CCSSI puppets are being revealed as just that: useful organizations and individuals parroting talking points that aren’t factual and based on clever marketing language.  The groups promoting the CCSSI need to be ‘re-educated’ to learn what informational text (a desired tool of the CCSSI in CCSS curriculum/assessments) means: it’s information that is research/fact based, not dressed-up misinformation presented as the truth to advance an agenda.


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