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The above is a Public Service Announcement for parents of school aged-children.  Deliver Depp’s message to the Common Core Cabal (choice architects, NGA, CCSSO, State Boards of Education, State Superintendents/Commissioners, Bill Gates, special interest groups, etc) and tell them what you think about the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

Parents, listen to Johnny Depp over the cabal.  Listen to the facts about the adoption/implementation of Common Core and listen to the absolute silence from the architects who wrote the standards and the groups who are pushing it into the schools.  They won’t talk about the process, answer questions, reveal sources, etc.  This is an untested theory being shoved on your children with zero explanation and no research/data.

What are your options?

  • Take your children out of this system
  • Opt your children out of the testing
  • Keep the pressure on your legislators to eradicate CCSSI

They can call you misinformed, nutjob, hysterical, or any other adjective they can think of.  Walk away, protest, destroy this initiative.  Your choice.  Be an individual and to hell with the collective.  Get your children out of this system one way or another.  Do what you have to do, for you….and your children.


Published January 4, 2015


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