Folks are increasingly concerned about the influence of the 1%  in political campaigns and public private partnerships.  In Missouri, there is an attempt to cap the amount one person can contribute to a candidate for state office:

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The last sentence We must return government to the voters of Missouri and stop elites from practicing what otherwise would be illegal bribery came to mind when I read about Bill Gates’ amount of funding to implement and support Common Core State Standards in the Washington Post:


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gates money

What’s the difference between a Rex Sinquefield on the state level funding politicians vs Bill Gates funding organizations with a specific political purpose? Both philanthropists are sending money to further their policy vision.

There is a movement to stop the enormous donations to Missouri candidates. Should there be a Congressional investigation into the massive amount of funding Gates sends to the organizations designed to promote his ideas to state legislators?

Do you think the funding by Sinquefield and Gates to politicians and/or NGOs developing public policy are destructive to representative government? 


Published December 13, 2014


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