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We are all too familiar with the ever increasing stories of parents not being able to help their children with 2nd grade homework.  Chipper notes from school administrators offer sessions so parents (often with advanced degrees) can ‘learn how to help their children with math’.  Assessments are done online and parents don’t know how these assessments are structured and assessment content due to copyright issues.  It has become increasingly difficult for parents to monitor their child’s progress or even have access to the curriculum used in the classroom.

Set aside some of the issues present in the Common Core State Standards Initiative (standards not internationally benchmarked and developmentally inappropriate) and think about all ‘stakeholders’ who are allegedly involved in a child’s education: Teachers, the student, the parents.  What happens when the parents are just not interested in the child’s education?  What happens when parents cannot/will not become involved?  I believe many parents’ concerns are dismissed in this CCSS scenario by education reformers and schools, but is it fair for teachers to not only be evaluated on unvalidated assessments but also on assessment results from unmotivated/uninterested students?  Do parents have any accountability in their child’s educational failure or success?

A teacher’s husband posted the following online and is reprinted with permission:

My wife is a teacher, we have many friends that are teachers, and I have read many comments online from teachers. One of the issues with the education of the children of today boils down to a parenting problem. My wife has a parent who blocked the schools number on her cell phone (even though her child has numerous F’s due to the long list of 0’s from missing assignments). This parent has basically made the statement “I don’t care!” So, I just spent an hour going over all of the documentation available at This includes the standards themselves. Educator after educator will stress the importance of a stable and secure home and involved parents/guardians in a child’s education. What I cannot find in ANY of the standards, in any of the FAQ’s, in any of the how to succeed guidelines, is the involvement of parents, or even the mention of homework. How can they possibly hope for this to be a success without ANYTHING bridging that gap between school and home? This is tantamount to not involving the cow when trying to make ice cream!

Oh, and they want to judge my wife’s performance on this kids assessment testing! They have clearly shown in actions and words that they don’t care, and so has the parent.

The assessment piece is one part of the Common Core States Initiative.  It’s not ‘just standards’.  Don’t support any movement to hold teachers responsible to assessments in which they have zero control, can’t even see and on which much of their evaluation is based.

Common Core is a perfect storm for teachers to burn out and be replaced by Teach for America (less paid/experienced) teachers.  Freeze parents out of the process in how their schools operate, render them powerless, eventually they get tired of the fight and don’t want to be involved in the educational process for their child or school.  Why bother?  When they have concerns, they are portrayed as troublemakers and marginalized.  It’s easier to send the child to school and turn off the phone.  This is not to excuse such behavior, but when the State believes it has the power over the child and supersedes parental authority, teachers will see increasing ‘no contact’ behavior from parents.  It’s the way this Initiative has been constructed.  Teachers bear the responsibility of student achievement.

Published on September 21, 2014


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