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This teacher tells the truth about Education Reform to her school board. Is it listening?


Remember our post on Ethan Young, the student who spoke out against Common Core at a Knox County (TN) school board meeting?  His November 2013 comments could have been considered “part 2” of dissatisfaction from citizens on the educational policies in the district.  At the October 2013 Knox County School Board meeting, Lauren Hopson (a teacher) made public comment telling the board members how teachers are being evaluated on assessments not yet written and the lack of assistance from the teacher’s union in structuring a viable evaluation system for teachers.


From the Tennessee Education Report:

As a follow-up to Knox County teacher Lauren Hopson’s address to the School Board, a group of Knox County teachers plan to attend tonight’s Board meeting at 5PM and wear red to show their support for the key points she made — that students are subjected to too much testing, that teacher evaluation using TVAAS data is unfair because it is unreliable, that using student surveys like TRIPOD to evaluate teachers (a controversial issue in Metro Nashville as well) is inappropriate.


Hopson’s statement to the school board:’

From the information post promoting tonight’s action:



Here are two posts from (here and here) of follow up conversation with Ms. Hopson.

This school board is not unacquainted with hearing about school reform dissatisfaction in teacher evaluation, standardized testing and common core standards.  Is the school board listening?  Hardly.  Here’s the link for Knox County Schools and the Common Core guide for parents.  It doesn’t contain Ms. Hopson’s or Ethan Young’s videos clearly outlining the facts instead of the talking points unsupported by research/data of Common Core.






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