this little light of mine


Let YOUR little light shine this week and teach your children the same.  Don’t wait to shine your light when the collective says you should shine it or how to shine it or tells you exactly what your light;should look like.

Don’t be common!  Be yourself and use your individual gifts.  The gifts you possess are not for the workforce.



From the youtube description:

This man is not just another person listening to loud music on his headphones and singing even louder… He’s on a mission!

As a secret social experiment, a man entered a Hannafords supermarket in Bangor, Maine with his headphones on and started singing the gospel tune ‘This Little Light of Mine’ to see how people would react. Would people ignore him, would they think he’s crazy, commend him or join in?


More on “This Little Light of Mine” can be found here.  The photo was taken from a blog appropriately titled Know My Worth.  (Hint: a person’s value is not set by the Chamber of Commerce, CCSSO or any NGO.)


Published December 14, 2014


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