Why is Google Tracking Students’ Location, Voice Activity, Web & App Activity, Device Info, YouTubes Searched and Watched? Here's how to check your student's school issued GSuite account.

Google defends Gmail data sharing, gives few details on violations-Reuters With mounting concerns about school safety, screen addiction,  screen time's known health and brain effects, increase in internet crimes against…
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Data Interoperability: Is it the next phase of Common Core? CCSSO says data interoperability is necessary for online personalized learning.

photo: You may recall when teacher Peter Greene asked a brilliant question years ago, "Are Common Core Standards Actually Data Tags?"  Greene said, "We’ve been saying that CCSS are limited…
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NWEA MAP Assessments. Study connects test disengagement to student deep-rooted problems. Personalized Learning and Adaptive Assessments: Parents need consent, transparency on how student data (and meta data ) are used and shared.

Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence are rampant in education, via online "personalized learning" and online adaptive assessments.  If you want a good tutorial on why these hidden algorithms are a problem,…
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Unicorns, brain scans, mind tracking, and behavioral data? Oh my. President Trump is Reviewing FERPA, HIPPA, and Replacing Student Privacy Chief--what does this mean for edtech Unicorns and for students?

Project Unicorn Partners presented on Brain Scanning, Data Interoperability, and Student Behavior at 2018 The annual edtech fest was held March 5-8, 2018. is where education software companies come to…
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Data breaches, cyber hacks and ransom notes…in Schools. Who is legally liable for k-12 student data privacy and security?

K-12 students and parents are hostage to the data overlords. No, I mean really,  hostage, in every sense.  As Natasha Singer points out here  and here, "BigData" and edtech have taken over…
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Data Collection

U.S. House hearing on student data gathering shows no limits on the federal desire to know everything about our children

Karen Effrem of Education Liberty Watch has once again put together a powerful letter explaining the privacy problems raised by the proposed reauthorization of the Education Sciences Reform Act (ESRA),…
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