Google’s Economic Intelligence Report. “Driving the Skills Agenda: Preparing students for the future” Merging Education and Workforce Pathways

Who knew Google played a role in the ed-workforce 21st Century Skills (data) pipeline?    Google for Education commissioned this 2015 study entitled, Driving the skills agenda: Preparing students for the…
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Bombshell Study: Thousands of Educational Apps are Improperly Tracking Children. Parents, click here to see the over 4,000 educational apps that are profiling children.

EdWeek recently wrote about a study that found Android educational apps from the Google Play Store (remember Google built Android, Google Analytics) are improperly sharing children's data with third parties.…
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Sorting Coloradoans like shoes: “by size, shape, and color.” Pilot starts in Denver Public Schools

(The sorting people like shoes thing, yes, that's part of a quote.  Scroll down to see the whole thing.) Workforce pathways and digital workforce credentials in k-12 education are all the rage.…
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