Between a rock and a hard place with College Board and SAT College Board says it allows subcontractors to access personal IEP and 504 disability data

Sunday, January 28 is International Privacy Day. Please, when you think of privacy, remember that in today's high-tech classrooms,  K-12 students are a captive audience, in a state of nearly constant surveillance and ever increasing data collection. Student…
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Statement from Superintendent Regarding Pearson, PARCC Testing and Disciplinary Action at Watchung Hills Regional High School

  Response from Watchung Hills Superintendent regarding her email on  Pearson's displeasure at student's social tweet and the access/sharing of personal student data via the New Jersey Department of Education. …
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Pearson’s Edict on How Students MUST Use Social Media. Warning: Your Student Can be Charged With ‘Malpractice’ if they Don’t Follow Pearson Rules.

  One of the trending hashtags/topics last night on twitter was #Pearson.  A journalist broke the story of Pearson contacting a school district to track down a student who tweeted…
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