the bad news about common core
The PR groups funded by Bill Gates and other corporatists are not selling the CCSSI message to the parents.

 From Citizens Are Winning the Common Core War.


I hope you are on Facebook and can access this link to a discussion between Mike Kelly of Fordham Institute and Facebook users regarding Kelly’s appearance on Fox and Friends Weekend today (Sunday).  Kelly was promoting the Common Core State Standards Initiative on the show this morning which you can watch by clicking the FOX and Friends link here.


Mike Kelly Fordham


Kelly is a trustee of Fordham and uses the same talking points dismissing CCSSI opponents concerns by stating the following:

  • Opposition based on misinformation
  • CCSSI is State Led
  • Education is in crisis
  • It’s an implementation problem (it’s all the teacher’s problem)
  • Not a national standard
  • Problems in CCSS are because of lack of communication from the teachers and the state boards

FOX and Friends Weekend created the link on Facebook so people could ask Mr. Kelly specific questions on Common Core.  Mr. Kelly provided dialogue (mainly talking points, not answers) to some of the questions but has since ceased responding to questions.  Michael Petrelli of Fordham chimed in a few times in defense of the standards as well as a commenter from the National Educational Data Model, but the vast majority of the comments were in opposition to the standards and their adoption and implementation by the governors, Commissioners of Education and State Boards of Education.

At the time of this posting on MEW, the thread had 556 comments.  Here are some of my favorites.  (It should be noted that Mike Kelly is the commenter listed as “FOX & Friends Weekend”).


Al Graf This is New York State Assemblyman Al Graf. We have conducted forums on common core throughout the state. Many of the statements you are making are ill informed. Can I suggest you visit and look at the ELA’s for first grade. When you make blanket statements without actually examining what people are complaining about you tend to lose your credibility.


FOX & Friends Weekend I have looked at the 1st grade ELA standards. The NYS Assembly is maybe the most dysfunctional legislature in the country. Now what is your question?


This is the attitude and mindset that gave us Common Core. Never answer a question, just demonize everything else and act superior.


Further more the botched implementation falls on the NYSED NOT the teachers! The curriculum has been copyrighted and can not be changed and is developmentally inappropriate. Teachers are forced to use this garbage as a script. The textbook company doesn’t even have the decency to print a proof read text book. They’ve been issued mistakes and all. Please do some thorough research or consult with people that actually have done the research and I am NOT referring to anyone that has been paid by Bill Gates to promote Common Core! DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!


I don’t think the proponents are winning the hearts and minds of the parents who send their children to school to receive CCSSI based education. This is a nightmare for the CCSSI movement. Wonder what the next PR move will be from the reformers?  Bill Gates and the other corporatists established The Common Core Communications Collaborative to squelch the opposition.  Whatever could go wrong?  More comments:

This is not rep vs dem. Reps are just as bad with Jeb Bush and many of the governors pushing this. This is all about corporatizing education and the elitists making all the decisions.


Huckabee, too… but convolutedly! The Jan 30 Washington Post reported a quote attributed to Huckabee…”Rebrand it, refocus it, but don’t retreat…” although he had earlier distanced himself from CCS saying he disapproved of what it “has become…” and advocated for education as a state/local -not federal- function.  Gosh, if we can’t trust Huckabee, then whom SHALL we trust??  “Rebrand it, refocus it, but don’t retreat…” That is just SHAMEFUL, mike huckabee!! [He is now relegated to lower case by his bonehead subversion of “will of the people.”]

Oops.  Looks like the parents are on to the politicians and corporatists behind this initiative.


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