The people just aren’t into Common Core. The edreformers have spent an incredible amount of money attempting to persuade parents/taxpayers that this is a dose of exactly what American students need to become critical thinkers and ready for the workforce/global economy.

Regardless of the endless PR missives, the truth is this: the Common Core State Standards Initiative mandates invasive data mining on students and teachers which can be accessed by third parties/governmental agencies without parental/student knowledge, was created by non-governmental organizations which were partially funded by the Federal government, the standards are indeed national standards (not ‘state led’ standards), states signed on to the standards before they were even written in exchange for stimulus money, the standards are actually lower than some previous actual ‘state set’ standards, and they do set the curriculum (regardless of the ed reform lobby insistence to the contrary) as the curriculum must be aligned to the standards.  A concise interview on the Common Core creation, adoption, and result on academic excellence can be heard from Peter Wood of the National Association of Scholars here:



While ‘collaboration’ is a buzz word and desired goal for a 21st Century learner (and only reachable via Common Core), the facts of how Common Core curriculum/testing actually works (or doesn’t work) in the classroom is conveyed in a teacher’s recent tweet:




She had better follow those ‘expectations to the letter’.  If she doesn’t, the student runs the risk of performing poorly on the assessments which impacts her effectiveness as a teacher.


How would you respond to the Gates funded Students for Success original tweet?  Here’s my favorite in the twitterverse responses:



Edreformers such as Collaborative for Student Success just can’t accept taxpayers/parents don’t like the NGO controlled Common Core State Standards Initiative.  Taxpayers/parents indeed are not ‘bots’ and can’t be persuaded by false arguments, unlike those educational and special interest groups receiving money to support this initiative.  There’s not enough lipstick to cover this pig.


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