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A textbook example of #CommonCorePRFail


How’s that revamped PR campaign to make the Common Core more palatable to parents and taxpayers compelled to pay for education reform directed/developed by private non-governmental organizations who have no accountability to those parents and/or taxpayers going?

It’s off to a bumpy start for the education reformers.  The first casualty of the ‘warmer, more emotional’ Common Core PR campaign is the video from Six One Seven Studios and ‘Grandad Learns About the Common Core’.  It caused quite a firestorm on many blogs as portraying an elderly veteran as not very smart on Common Core issues.  It didn’t deal with any facts about the Initiative, rather, it sought to dismiss concerns of the grandfather by the teacher that Bill Gates was not going to determine what his grandson read.   It was up to the teacher and the student to determine reading materials.  That’s the video’s message (other than the fact that the grandfather is portrayed in an extremely unflattering light) in a nutshell:  Bill Gates is NOT the boogeyman.

Don’t try to access the video now.  This is what you will see:

six one seven common core youtube

Thanks to reader Sandra Smith who commented on our original article about the video and let us know how grassroots efforts caused the video to be pulled:

Sandra M Smith

September 14, 2014 at 2:08 pm 

Completely offensive. A big part of CC is turning kids against their dumb, misinformed parents. That way they will completely buy into what the schools tell them and ignore what their parents tell them. This smacks of communism, and yes I am a liberal making this statement.

The silver lining is that public opposition is getting to them if they feel the need to produce videos like this. Keep it up people. Make your voices heard! It’s the only way to save our education system. Silence = compliance. Our kids need us to stand up for them NOW.


  • Sandra M Smith

    September 15, 2014 at 3:08 pm

    This video has been deleted, due to our diligent work finding out who paid for it. Members in CA Against Common Core on FB did some research and found that a company called “Six One Seven Studios” produced the video. They lied when the YouTube account said it was “just a couple of guys”. Six One Seven Studios also works with PCG Education, . PCG is business partners with EngageNY, CCSSO, Microsoft, the list goes on. This was a dirty rotten trick. Surely, they will be more careful next time.

  • Sandra M Smith

    September 15, 2014 at 3:10 pm 

    One other thing, the Six One Seven Productions FB page bragged about being mentioned on but even the link to the video there no longer works. They seriously went into hiding after we busted them.


Woot woot! Great work, California!!  That was some awesome research tying this studio into the education reform movement.  I wonder how much education reform money went down the drain for this PR video?  Again, it’s like the ‘bad boyfriend’ theory: you can’t make bad look good, no matter how much you try.  And a word of advice to the reform movement: tell the truth about your connections and the initiative.  Your lies will catch up to you.

Congratulations on this one, folks.  You shot huge holes in this narrative with your passion and persistence exposing the truth about the Initiative and the misinformation spread by the reformers.  The pulling of this video was because YOU are the ones who are in it ‘for the kids’.  It didn’t disappear because you received multi-million dollar grant from a special interest group/individual/Federal agency to shame the reformers into ditching a disingenuous PR video.  It disappeared because you have had it with the elites talking down to you and not telling the truth.  It’s because you love your kids.

Common Core State Standards Initiative Opponents: 1

Highly Paid Education Reformers: 0


Thanks to Andrea Dillon at Lady Liberty for the excellent meme used as the graphic for this post!  That may be the only photograph left of poor ‘misinformed’ Pop Pop as Six One Seven has scrubbed his existence from the Internet.  If you were so clever to download the youtube video, send it our way so we can view it from time to time to remind ourselves what the reformers really think about those opposed to the Initiative.

Published September 15, 2014



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