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Student Ethan Young challenges Knox County (TN) School Board


Below is stunning video testimony against Common Core by student Ethan Young at Knox County (TN) Regular Board Meeting on November 6, 2013.

In five minutes, this student gives history of the standards (who crafted them and the circumvention of legislative process), how the standards reflect distrust of teachers, creates erroneous evaluations, and how they create mindless workers.  Here is a partial text excerpt of his speech:


Standards based education is ruling the way we teach and learn.  Yes, I’ve already been told by legislators and administrators, Ethan, that’s just the way things work.  But “why”?  I’m going to answer that question: It’s bureaucratic convenience.  It works with nuclear reactors, it works with business models, why can’t it work with students?

I mean, how convenient calculating who knows what, and who needs what…I mean why don’t we manufacture robots instead of students? They last longer and they always do what they are told…but education is unlike every other bureaucratic institution in our government…the task of teaching is never quantifiable.  If everything I learned in high school was a measurable objective: I haven’t learned anything. I’d like to repeat that.   If everything I learned in high school was a measurable objective: I haven’t learned anything.  Creativity, appreciation, inquisitiveness…these are impossible to scale but they are the purpose of education…why our teachers teach …why I choose to learn…and today we find ourselves in a nation that produces workers…..everything is college and career preparation.  Somewhere our founding fathers are turning in their graves, turning and screaming and trying to say to us is that we teach to FREE MINDS….we teach to inspire, we teach to equip.  The careers will come naturally…ask yourselves: haven’t we gone too far with data?





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