Former Governor Georgia Sonny Perdue says this about Common Core opposition in Common Core Protesters Give Jeb Bush a New Hashtag: #StopJebNow:


“I actually am somewhat puzzled, flabbergasted and to some degree embarrassed by my conservative friends over some of the allegations,” said former Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue, speaking last month at a pro-Common Core panel hosted by the U.S Chamber of Commerce, the Business Roundtable and the Bipartisan Policy Center. “Could we choose a better name than Common Core, possibly? Maybe we could have hired a good PR firm to sell it, but you shouldn’t have to sell higher standards.”


He’s right.  You shouldn’t have to “sell” higher standards.  The point is they are not “higher”, in fact, the new talking point from the reformers currently is they are “the floor”.  This is a major PR nightmare.  First we are told they are higher; now there is the shift to that they are NOT the ceiling. What product are they trying to sell?

Another sticking point for CCSS proponents is the definition of who is the “we” who are choosing a better name for national standards.  One of the reasons that conservatives and non-conservatives don’t like the standards is that the “we” (former/current governors, Chamber members, Business Roundtable types and other elites) don’t have the constitutional authority to direct/develop educational standards for states.  Those conservative friends shouldn’t puzzle, flabbergast or embarrass Governor Perdue.  It’s really quite simple, Governor Perdue:  They do not want a public/private version of education held unaccountable to FOIA requests, state legislators and the voters who are compelled to pay for this privatized version of public education.

One last point.  The governor should know that the elites are already all over this PR firm idea.  MEW wrote about The Common Core Communications Collaborative established to deliver PR for these standards that are supposed to be higher but are now only the floor:


gates new ccss group


The article contains other visuals showing this new PR push has been funded by the elites to the tune of $1,150,000.  Don’t bother to try to link to the pdf Gandal presented we referred to in the post.  It’s been pulled from the Internet.  However, the most important slides were posted in our previous article.  They clearly show that the anti-CCSS message is resonating and no amount of money and PR schtick will make this product palatable to legislators and taxpayers concerned about the total disregard for the political process and the privatization of public education.



common core gandal 7




You might want to tweet this article to Governor Perdue.  Inform him there already is a PR firm to try to sell them to the people who have to pay for them (without a vote), the standards aren’t higher and the adoption/implementation circumvented the political process.  This is a bad product and no amount of name changing or calling those who oppose them as “conspirators” will change those facts.






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